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R & H Septic Systems And Pumping is a Amarillo septic group you can trust. We ensure your satisfaction and to uphold the highest quality standards. Rely on us for installation, repairs, maintenance and pumping. R & H Septic Systems And Pumping is a locally owned and operated family business, that takes pride in quality work.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Licensed Installer By The State of Texas #28531
• Licensed Soil Evaluator By The State of Texas #28587
• Licensed Pumper By The State of Texas # 25130

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  • Septic Systems: New Construction, Replacements, Repairs, Maintenance
  • Septic Pumping
  • Septic Cleaning
  • Lot Leveling and Excavating
  • Driveways and Culverts
  • Tree Stump Removal, Snow Removal, Debris Removal
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An Amarillo Septic Company and You

Homes that don’t have access to the city sewer use a home septic system to treat their waste. A properly installed and maintained septic system from a professional Amarillo Septic Company protects groundwater quality and treats wastewater wherever city sewer service is not possible. There are two parts to a septic system: the septic tank and the drain field.

Approximately 25 million homes across the US rely on their septic tank to treat their home wastewater. An Amarillo Septic Company can design, install, and maintain your septic system to keep it at optimum functionality. When a septic tank is working properly, it does an excellent job of protecting the health of your family and the environment.

With proper care and regular maintenance from an Amarillo Septic Company, your septic tank will last for years. Each septic tank is custom-sized to the household, and needs to be kept free of harsh chemicals to operate at maximum efficiency.

How an Amarillo Septic Company Works on Your Tank

An Amarillo Septic Company has years of experience in septic cleaning and septic system maintenance. Their understanding of your septic system is backed up by this extensive work history. However, it's important for you as a homeowner to understand how your septic tank works, even if professionals from an Amarillo Septic Company will be maintaining it for you.

Even though every septic system is slightly different, the manner in which each septic tank works is the same. Wastewater from your house is carried into the septic tank by gravity. The tank holds this wastewater for one or two days, during which time anaerobic bacteria inside the tank break down the substances in the water. These bacteria separate the wastewater into solids, greases, oils, and floating substances.

While bacteria inside your septic tank will do a fine job of breaking down your home's wastewater, the professionals from the Amarillo Septic Company know it can't dissolve everything. Every septic tank has a 'scum' layer floating at the top, partially treated or "grey" water in the middle, and heavy, thick sludge lining the bottom of the tank. All three layers must have a sort of internal "equilibrium" to them, which your Amarillo Septic Company can help control, in order to continue functioning the way a septic system should.

After remaining in the septic tank for one or two days, the "grey" wastewater inside the tank flows into the drain field. The drain field is a term that describes a trench filled with sand, gravel, tire chips, or other loose yet dense material, consisting of a series of perforated pipes. The health and condition of your drain field is integral to the continued performance of your septic system, and as such, it will be regularly evaluated by the Amarillo Septic Company.

The wastewater enters the soil, after flowing out of the holes, along the pipes. This soil acts as a natural filter for any remaining waste products in the water. Microorganisms in the soil, as well as oxygen, break down any toxins, bacteria, or viruses in the wastewater. When functioning properly, a drain field allows a septic tank to contribute clean, potable water back into the surrounding area's ground water table. Your Amarillo Septic Company can ensure your drain field is working as it should.

Since this wastewater could have come from a toilet, washing machine, shower, or sink, the types of debris found in it can be of a wide variety. Most of these can be handled easily by the bacteria already inside the septic tank. In case of a clog or septic back-up, the Amarillo Septic Company is always available.

An Amarillo Septic Company: Treating Your Septic System Right

Systems designed and maintained by an Amarillo Septic Company can handle a large amount of normal chemicals, such as laundry detergent, bleach, and drain cleaners, but you should try not to flush or rinse toxic chemicals into the sep Such chemicals may include paint thinner, solvents, or insecticides. Cooking fats and grease should also never go down a household drain. Instead, they should be stored in a separate container till they congeal, and then disposed of as a solid.

Your Amarillo Septic Company Handles Dangerous Septic Situations Efficiently

Your household size determines the size of the septic tank you need. A too-small septic tank can lead to flooding in the drain field, which can potentially poison the local water supply, clog the drain field, or cause a septic system back-up. These conditions are highly unsanitary and represent a risk to your family as well as the local environment. In situations such as these, your Amarillo Septic Company will come to your rescue with great speed.

Being careful about what goes into your septic system will keep it running smoothly and safely for years to come. An Amarillo Septic Company Amarillo septic company does not recommend flushing or rinsing food scraps, coffee grinds, greases, oils, sand, gravel, washing machine lint, or any other solid or semi-solid substance into your septic ta The use of harsh chemicals or solvents may damage the delicate, helpful ecosystem of bacteria inside your septic tank. It’s a good idea to have your septic system inspected and pumped clean by your local Amarillo Septic Company. This will keep your home wastewater solution working well.

An Amarillo Septic Company: Keeping Your Septic System Clean and Functional

Your septic system can last up to fifteen years, with regular attention and service from an Amarillo Septic Company. Being conscious and cautious about the substances that reach your septic tank will make the job of your Amarillo Septic Company easier and keep your septic system running smoothly. If you're noticing dampness or very lush growth on or around your drain field, a smell of sewage around your home, or slow-draining plumbing, consult your Amarillo Septic Company for guidance and an inspection. The wastewater of your home needs to be managed professionally and you need to be informed about what to be cautious about. This way, you can ensure your health and that of your family and neighbors. Calling a professional Amarillo Septic Company is a step towards building a healthier future for your home.

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